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Atlas Translations Ltd Director

Atlas Translations Ltd has recently attended the UK Export Academy (UKEA), a free programme from Government, to enhance their export knowledge in response to increasing sales interest from across the globe.

Launched in 1991 as a small interpretation and translations agency, Atlas Translations currently offers translation and language services to clients in Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Norway and USA. In addition, the St Albans based service provider has supported clients in over 100 languages in the last year, through translated websites, e-courses, packaging and product translations.

Clare Suttie, Director at Atlas Translations joined the UKEA in 2021 to fully understand the essentials of exporting not only to benefit her own business, but also to be able to resonate with hurdles international clients may be facing. Clare has attended seven UKEA sessions so far, including Selling Overseas on Amazon and The Barriers and Benefits of Export.

Clare said: “UK Export Academy events are well-organised and informative. Through UKEA I have developed my skillset and now have solid knowledge and a better understanding of the international trade process and selling to overseas markets.

“It’s great because if for any reason I couldn’t attend I was able to catch up later. I can schedule my attendance around my work commitments.

“Being able to access UKEA events means we have developed a business with an additional source of income and chance to grow internationally. I would urge any business looking to export for the first time to just go for it.”

Looking ahead, Atlas Translations plans to expand their services in the countries they currently work with but also continue to support their UK-based clients on their international endeavours looking to export for the first time.