Menopause support: For workers

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NHS Menopause Support

This factsheet will help you understand and manage your perimenopause and menopause and point you to further sources of good information. Getting advice early can help reduce the impact of symptoms on your health, relationships and work

Menopause Support

The social enterprise Menopause Support has launched a guidance booklet “Understanding Menopause” to support women to better understand and navigate Menopause.

The Easy Read booklets below have been created by Easy Read Wales and are in an accessible format, using simple language and illustrating the information with pictures. They aim to help people, particularly those with learning disabilities, to understand information about the menopause more easily.

Cycle of Change – Understanding Menopause is a short film to empower women and share real-life experiences from all stages of the menopause transition. We hope it will help people to spot the signs of menopause when it begins and give you the chance to emotionally prepare and find support if needed.