Help to Grow

Learn new skills, reach more customers and boost your profits with Help to Grow.

Two government backed programmes

Help to Grow: Management Course

  • access 12-weeks of learning designed to fit alongside work commitments
  • develop a bespoke business growth plan to help your business reach its full potential
  • get 1:1 support from a business mentor
  • learn from peers and network with businesses just like yours

The programme is 90% funded by the government so you only pay £750. Delivered in partnership with Small Business Charter, courses are running at leading business schools across the UK.

Help to Grow: Digital

Access free, impartial online support about how digital technology can boost your business’s performance. If your business is eligible, you can also access a discount of up to 50% towards the costs of buying approved software, worth up to £5,000.

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What businesses have said about Help to Grow: Management

Photo of businessman

I would strongly recommend this programme to anyone who is trying to grow their business.

Peter, Chief Executive of James Lister & Sons Ltd and Help to Grow: Management Course attendee
Photo of businesswoman

This is a thought provoking and detailed course with relevant content in a fantastic mixture of online and in person teaching.

Rosie, Head of Finance at Seacat Services Ltd and Help to Grow: Management Course attendee