Over 200,000 businesses set to get free advice settling energy supplier disputes 

Under new proposals, more than 200,000 companies, with up to 50 employees can qualify for support from the Energy Ombudsman – with issues ranging from disputes over bills and energy supply, to how an energy product or service has been sold. 

The current support scheme already includes businesses of up to 10 employees as well as households. 

Making this move will enable these companies to settle disputes with their energy supplier without facing costly court fees – ultimately saving money.  

The new proposal follows a survey conducted by the regulator Ofgem, which found that 94% of total respondents, which included businesses organisations, consumer groups, and suppliers, said they would welcome this move.  

Minister for Energy Consumers and Affordability, Amanda Solloway said: 

“This government has always stood by businesses, and we want to ensure they are getting proper support and service in dealing with energy suppliers.  

“That’s why we’re proposing expanding the reach of the Energy Ombudsman to cover an extra 200,000 businesses, allowing them to access free, impartial advice and resolve issues with their supplier without the need for an expensive trip to court.” 

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