Menopause and the Workplace

Who is this for?

This resource is for employers and their workers from large or small organisations who are seeking menopause-related guidance for the workplace.

It has been created by a group of employers who are doing great work. It contains links to resources you can share with your workers and will be regularly updated. 

Support and guidance for employers and workers

Access tools and advice to help you support your workers and grow your workplace.

What information do employers need to know?

Women make up nearly half of the UK working population, and women over 50 represent the fastest growing segment of the workforce, so there are few workplaces where menopause is not being experienced by your workers or someone in their immediate circle.  

Without proper support, many women and people with menopause symptoms feel forced to reduce their hours, pass up promotions or even quit their jobs because of a lack of support.

Women and people in the workplace need to feel fully supported to allow them to continue to thrive and contribute with confidence. This is critical not only to ensure they can flourish, but to unleash the full potential of UK businesses, and our wider economy. 

We want all colleagues to feel comfortable seeking support while experiencing and managing menopause. Through education, awareness and wellbeing resources, we aim to destigmatise and normalise the topic of menopause in the workplace.

Standard Chartered

“On this website when we refer to women experiencing menopause, we mean women and people”.

“On this website when we refer to menopause, we include perimenopause and post-menopause”.

Menopause: the time in a woman or person’s life when her periods stop permanently, so she can no longer have children. 

Menopause transition: the time leading up to the menopause when symptoms occur, especially irregular and/ or heavier periods. 

Perimenopause: broadly speaking, another way of describing menopause transition. 

Post-menopause: the time after a woman or person’s periods stop for good, marking the end of her reproductive life. 

Early onset menopause: when menopause occurs before a woman or person reaches 40.