Smarter regulation unveiled to cut red tape and grow the economy.

Taking advantage of post-Brexit freedoms, the Government are set to reduce burdensome red tape and tailoring rules to suit the UK economy and could save employers around £1 billion a year.

The package is the first of a series of deregulation announcements expected this year and will help aid the Governments priority to grow the economy, making it one of the most innovative and agile regulatory regimes in the world.

The package includes, reducing business burdens by improving regulators’ focus on economic growth by ensuring regulatory action is taken only when it is needed, and any action take is proportionate. Promoting competition and productivity in the workplace by limiting the length of non-compete clauses to three months, providing flexibility for up to 5 million UK workers that want to join a competitor or start up a rival business after they have left a position. The change will also provide a boost to the wider UK economy, supporting employers to grow their businesses and increase productivity by widening the talent pool and improving the quality of candidates they can hire.

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