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Everything you need to know to start a business, grow your business or get exporting.

Help to Grow

Business news from the government

Over £110 million to unlock zero emission guilt-free flights.

Cutting edge new technologies that could enable electric flying taxis and hydrogen powered aircraft to take to the skies will be developed in the UK.

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I want to start a business

There are over 5.5m businesses in the UK. If you are ready to join them, we can help. Find out about different types of business, how to set yours up and how to get help from government backed schemes.

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I want to grow my business

Take the next step to increase your sales, improve your products and services, develop your staff and find extra funding. With our free support, there’s never been a better time to go for growth.

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I want to export and sell internationally

There is huge demand for UK goods and services across the globe. We can help you find new opportunities, get country specific advice, access specialist exporting training and much more.

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My business needs support

The Government is here to help UK businesses, including help with energy bills as part of the Energy Bills Relief Scheme.

Find out more about direct government support for businesses

Support in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

If your business is based in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland there may be different or additional help available.