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New Changes to Employment Law

06 April 2024

As of 6th April 2024, new employment laws come into force for all businesses.   

Spring Budget 2024

06 March 2024

From VAT threshold changes to National Insurance reform, find out how the 2024 Spring Budget could benefit your business.     

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£100 million support delivered to back next generation of small business owners 

15 February 2024

15,000 Start Up Loans worth over £100 million have now been issued to young business founders aged 18-24.  

More than half a billion pounds in connectivity investment to benefit businesses

05 January 2024

Businesses across the country will benefit from lightning-fast broadband speeds, thanks to more than half a billion pounds’ worth in funding from the UK government. 

Over 200,000 businesses set to get free advice settling energy supplier disputes 

19 December 2023

Under new proposals, more than 200,000 companies, with up to 50 employees can qualify for support from the Energy Ombudsman – with issues ranging from disputes over bills and energy supply, to how an energy product or service has been sold. 

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Government takes action to back small businesses and tackle late payments

11 December 2023

The new Prompt Payment and Cash Flow Review takes action to increase the transparency of large businesses’ payment performance.  

Autumn Statement key takeaways for SMEs

22 November 2023

Aimed at building a stronger and more resilient economy, the UK Government set out a plan to unlock growth and productivity in the Autumn Statement for Growth, backing British Business. 

British businesses to benefit as rules of origin to South Korea extended 

22 November 2023

The UK has secured a two-year extension to rules which help British companies to access lower or zero tariffs when selling goods to South Korea.

UK builds on strong trading relations with Japan following trade mission 

29 October 2023

Britain’s most sought-after luxury fashion designers are taking part in a landmark trade mission to Japan to boost exports.

New resources launched for menopause support in the workplace

18 October 2023

World Menopause Day sees new guidance released to help ensure that employers are equipped to support women affected in their jobs.

Millions to benefit from new flexible working measures

20 July 2023

Millions of British workers will have more flexibility over where and when they work as the Flexible Working Bill achieves Royal Assent.

UK signs treaty to join Indo-Pacific trade group as new data shows major economic benefits

16 July 2023

UK ascension into the CPTPP trade group – what does this mean for UK SMEs?

New online gateway to help directors of SMEs with business decisions

10 July 2023

New online gateway to help directors of SMEs with business decisions and make sure their companies stay on the right track.

Game-changing fund opens in UK to boost science and tech research

28 June 203

£50 million Research Ventures Catalyst to support cutting-edge research, built on partnerships with private and philanthropic investors.

£80 million boost to help UK businesses tackle carbon emissions

28 June 2023

Businesses across the UK have today received a share of over £80 million government funding to ditch costly fossil fuels for cleaner alternatives.

Smarter regulation unveiled to cut red tape and grow the economy

10 May 2023

Initial package of regulatory reform will reduce unnecessary regulation for businesses, cutting costs and allowing them to compete.